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Nail designs

cross nail designs,nail designs

The inspiration of this design comes from Avril Lavigne again,you know she is back.I’m so excited for that.And her new song ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ make me crazy.So the design of this cross nail’s principal hues is black and silver.Except the “cross” we make the more fashion effect of “lock”,”iron chain” and “zipper” and so on.It’s so cool.Just like the song sings,Call up all our friends,Go hard this weekend,For no damn reason,I don’t think we’ll ever change!

What you’ll need:

cross nail designs,nail designs

-Clear nail polish
-Black nail polish
-Silver nail polish
-Thin brush

Nails how to do!

  • Step One:

    cross nail designs,nail designs

    Begin by painting your thumb,forefinger and ring finger’s nail with black nail and the middle finger and little finger with silver nail polish.
  • Step Two:

    cross nail designs,nail designs

    Using the thin brush create a cross in the middle of your thumb ,forefinger and little finger’s nail.
    Make sure that the thumb’s nail with silver nail polish and the forefinger and little finger’s nail with black nail polish.
    Then create a “lock” in the middle of your forefinger nail and the two side of “iron chain” with silver nail polish, just like the picture show you.
    The next ,create the “zipper” of your ring finger with silver nail polish.
  • Step Three:

    cross nail designs,nail designs

    With more black nail polish on your thin brush to create irregular ideal lips shape in the cross of your thumb nail.
    By the same method to deal with your middle finger nail. Make sure that the ‘lip’ is out of the cross.
    Then with black nail polish make the outline of the cross,It just like the “bicycle chain”,it’s so cool, right?
  • Step Four:

    cross nail designs,nail designs

    Apply a top coat to seal in the design and you’re done!

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